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Photos: Bellaire Sound, September 28, 2019 by Leslie Mixon

Sombati is a world music band based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our passion is bringing music from all over the world to life. We play traditional and original tunes in a variety of styles including Middle Eastern, Central & Western European, Celtic, Latin, folk, cabaret, and Americana. We put on a high energy, family friendly show, and are equally comfortable on large stages or street corners. We pride ourselves on being prompt, professional, organized, and on maintaining reasonable sound pressure levels. Contact us to see how we can make your event even more special!

What's a Sombati? Sombati is a middle eastern 4/4 rhythm, typically played on the doumbek. It has a strong "doum" on the 1 and 3, with a double "tek" on the 2, and a single "tek" on the 4. You might find it helpful to say “Doum - Tek Tek Doum - Tek - ” while learning it. Like most names it was a happy accident - our percussionist was trying different rhythms for one of our original tunes. While the sombati rhythm didn't work for that tune (it wanted to be a tango when it grew up!), the name resonated with the group - "That's it!" we cried!

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